13 Best Stock Market Books

The stock market is a complex and dynamic field that requires in-depth understanding and continuous learning. To become a successful investor or trader, it is essential to gain good knowledge from reliable sources. The best way to enhance your understanding and knowledge about the stock market is through books written by experienced people. In today’s article, we will present the top 13 best stock market books in Hindi for 2023. These books cover a wide range of topics, providing valuable tips and strategies to navigate the stock market effectively.



  1. “Share Market Ke Master Mantra” by Vipul Kanth.

This book serves as a comprehensive guide for beginners in the stock market. It covers the basics of investing in the stock market, including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and risk management. Vipul Kanth, a renowned stock market expert, shares his years of experience and knowledge in this book, making it a good must-have book for interested investors.

  1. “Asian Stock Market Ka Khazana” by Surya Mishra.

For individuals looking to invest in the Asian stock market, this book by Suraj Mishra is a must-read. It provides an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of various Asian stock exchanges including India, China, and Japan. The book also provides valuable strategies and tips to take advantage of the opportunities available in these markets.

  1. “Politics in the Financial Markets” by Dinesh Jain

Written by respected financial analyst Dinesh Jain, this book explores the interrelationship between politics and the financial market. It discusses in depth the impact of political decisions on the stock market and guides readers on how to deal with these scenarios and benefit from them. It is an interesting book that sheds light on the difficult interrelationship between politics and finance.

  1. “Wisdom in the Stock Market” by Jeevan Kulkarni

Jeevan Kulkarni’s book, “Wisdom in the Stock Market”, provides practical wisdom for successful investing in the stock market. It provides insights about the psychology of investing, risk management, and developing a disciplined approach to trading. This book is highly recommended for individuals who want a balanced view on trading strategies.

  1. “Share Market Ki Kahaniyan” by Suresh Ranadive

This unique book by Suresh Ranadive adopts a storytelling approach to explain various aspects of the stock market. It features real-life events, case studies, and anecdotes that impart valuable lessons and wisdom to readers. This engaging narrative style makes it enjoyable to read while imparting practical knowledge.

  1. “Investors World” by Manisha Patel

“Investors World” by Manisha Patel is a comprehensive guide for investors, covering multiple asset classes, including the stock market. It emphasizes the importance of diversification and long-term wealth creation. The book covers topics such as portfolio management, risk assessment, and investment strategies. It is a must-read book for those who want to build a strong investment portfolio.

  1. “Market Art Learning University” by Sanjay Dalmia

This book by Sanjay Dalmia focuses on technical analysis, which is a vital tool for stock market investors. It provides a comprehensive understanding of chart patterns, indicators, and trend analysis. The book also includes practical examples and case studies, which help readers effectively apply technical analysis in their investment decisions.

  1. “Leverage Small Size in the Stock Market” by Rohit Gupta

In this book, Rohit Gupta emphasizes the importance of long-term investment strategies in the stock market. He explains how small investments, when held for a significant period, can compound and generate substantial returns. This book provides practical tips and strategies to identify lucrative long-term investment opportunities.

  1. “Share Market Ka Rahasya” by Nirmal Basham

Nirmal Basham’s book, “Share Market Ka Rahasya,” focuses on unraveling the secrets of the stock market. It explains complex concepts in a simple and easy to understand manner. The book covers topics such as market analysis, investment strategies, and identifying potential winners in the stock market. It is a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced investors.

  1. “Investment Skills in Stock Market” Author: Prince Sardana

This book by Prince Sardana provides comprehensive guidance on investment skills required in the stock market. It covers topics such as stock selection, portfolio management and risk mitigation. The book also discusses different investment styles and their suitability for different market conditions.

  1. “Return Questions in the Investment Branch” by Prakash Pandit

“Return Questions in the Investment Branch” by Prakash Pandit is a book that addresses common questions and dilemmas faced by investors in the stock market. It provides practical solutions to challenges such as market volatility, risk management and stock selection. This book is a great guide on co-investment for investors

Helps you overcome obstacles and make informed decisions.

  1. “Share Market Ke Astounding Jewels” by Vishal Murgao

This book by Mukesh Ambani explores the incredible opportunities and blessings that the stock market can offer. It focuses on the power of compounding and the potential for wealth creation through long-term investing. This book provides insights and strategies to make the most of the potential of the stock market.

  1. “Share Market Ka Raja” by Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar’s book, “Share Market Ka Raja” aims to transform readers into successful stock market participants. It provides valuable knowledge on fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and creating a winning mindset. This book provides a systematic approach to investing in the stock market that can increase the chances of success.


Investing in the stock market requires continuous learning and the ability to adapt to constantly changing market dynamics. The top 13 best stock market books in Hindi for 2023 offer a wide variety of insights and strategies to help individuals navigate this complex field. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, these books can serve as valuable resources to develop a strong foundation and enhance your investment decision-making skills. Remember that knowledge is the key to success in the stock market, and these books are your next steps towards achieving financial prosperity.

Frequently Asked Questions (F&Q)

  1. Will these books make me successful in the stock market?

Yes, the information and understanding provided in these books help you in your quest for success in the stock market. These books have studied various different individual studies in depth and documented findings from there.

  1. Which book will be most useful for a stock market beginner?

Values ​​like “Share Bazar Ke Master Mantra” and “Share Bazar Mein Buddhi” can be most useful for beginner levels. These post knowledge about stock market investing advice, financial analysis, and investor thinking.

  1. Are these quotes available on the beach?

These books are available in the Hindi language and various English language versions are also available. Books written in Hindi are popular for Hindi speaking readers as they are more motivational in their mother tongue

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