Popular Up To Get Followers Real Or Hype ?

Hello friends, in today’s article we will tell you about Popular Up website whether it is right or wrong to buy followers from here. These days, videos are becoming very viral on social media or you can say on YouTube, in which you are being told that you have to open any browser in your mobile and then search Popular Up here and go to this website. Go to and from here you will get Instagram followers likes.

But whether we really get followers from here or not, we will talk about it in today’s article and will also tell whether these followers are real or fake. So let’s start.

What Is Popular Up?

Popular Up is a social media followers, likes and views selling website, through this you can grow your account on any social media, you just have to go to Popular Up website and create your account here, now you have to add some money. After that, select the account on which you want to increase followers, likes and views. Now you will get many different services here, you can take whatever you want.

In this way, you can increase likes, followers and views on any of your social media platforms by using this website.

How does Popular Up work?

The way this website works is a little different, because it sells all services. If you want to increase your followers, then you will have to create an account here and after that you will have to add some money in it with which you will be able to buy followers and now you have to select one service. Now here you will get many options like 1k, 2k and 3k followers, choose as many followers as you want and now you will see how much you have to pay for it.

Features Of Popular Up

Popular Up has many features, we will tell you about some of them. If you also want to increase followers on your Instagram, then you should know these features, so let’s know.

  1. Cheap Price Followers
  2. Fast Delivery
  3. 24/7 Service And Support
  4. Views,Likes And Comments
  5. Facebook Followers
  6. TikTok Followers

Real Or Fake Followers ?

As I have told you above that through this website you get followers, you get followers according to the amount of money you invest, but are these followers real or fake? We have told you some facts about this below, which After reading you will know whether it is real or fake, so let’s find out.

  1. Bot Followers: Popular Up websites use bot or any other automatic method to increase your followers and the followers increased by it are fake.
  2. Fake Followers: As we have told you that these websites use some bot or other automatic method to give followers and hence these followers are fake.
  3. Not Engage: Followers increased in this way do not engage with your posts or videos and the presence or absence of such followers is equal.
  4. No Like and no Comment: These followers do not like or comment on your posts, so it is better not to increase such followers.
  5. Against the privacy policy: Such followers are against the privacy policy of Instagram and once Instagram comes to know about it, then your account will be deleted forever and your years of hard work will go waste.

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How to increase organic or real followers on Instagram?

We have told you about this website above. And along with this it has also been told that from here you get fake followers and about this we have also put some facts in front of you like they do not like your post, do not comment on your post and we have told you some more such facts. And now we will tell you some methods using which you will get organic and real followers on your Instagram account, so let’s go.

High Quality Content: To become famous or popular on any social media platform, you must have high quality content because if you do not put high quality content on your account or on your page, then no one will like to see them. Otherwise how will you get likes and followers, that is why you should focus more on high quality content.

Look at trending topics: As you might have heard at many places that working on trending topics helps in your growth very quickly, then this is absolutely true, hence you also have to work on trending topics. Pending topics are there in the morning as you can see. If you are actually scrolling above then you are seeing the same rails again and again. Above this topic, let us assume that it will be a trending topic and if it is in the news or is being discussed somewhere else, then we consider it as a trending topic. That’s why you should work on topics like this

Use trending hashtags: You have high quality content and you also work on trending topics, but if you do not use any hashtag in your post, then you are making a big mistake because by using #, your post will get more attention. It will reach more people and if someone searches then it will also appear in front of them, hence you should use trending hashtags.

Make as many reels as possible: As you all know how much the trend of short videos is going on in today’s time, nowadays people like to watch short videos more in comparison to long videos, hence you should pay more attention to short videos like That you should make reels on trending topics. By making reels, your account will go up very soon and your followers will also increase, that is why you should make as many reels as possible.

These were some of the methods using which you can increase real and organic followers on your Instagram account.


In today’s article, we have told you about the Popular Up website, how this website misleads you and does not fulfill what it claims and along with it we have also told you some ways by which you can make a lot of money on your Instagram account. You can increase the number of followers in a short time. I hope you liked this article written by me. To read more similar articles, you can follow our website.

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