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What is a Skip Page?

Skip page is a page where you can directly jump to using the optimization tool. In simple words it is a page where you can overcome all other tasks on the website and use the tool as soon as possible.

Reason For Showing Skip Page

The reasons for which the skip page is shown are given below with which you will be satisfied and understand the purpose of the skip page properly.

To Maintain Server Load

As you know that cookape Optimization tools are used worldwide that is why sometimes the website crashes and nobody is able to use our optimization tools to overcome this problem.

We have set up the skip page so that all users pass through this tunnel and the website load decreases. This helps the website to work very smoothly and saves the website from crashing.

To Avoid Bouncing Of Orders

When many orders reach us directly then the quantity is very large that is why some of the orders are lost and don’t reach us.

To overcome this problem skip pages are shown so that it delays the time of sending orders and the quantity of sending orders decreases. Similarly if the traffic decreases then no order will be losted and all orders reached to us properly.

To Keep Record Of All The Orders

The other reason for showing a skip page is that on our website there is not any single page to keep the record of every order. That is why we kept a skip page to keep record of each and every order.

To Generate Token Automatically

I hope that you all know that all other optimization tools work with token. Do you know that Techyhit also works with a token?

Yes, but the token is generated automatically when the skip page is shown there is no need to generate a token manually by the users so you can say that skip page is shown for the benefit of users only.

To Generate Some Revenue

As you know that most of the tools on cookape are free of cost, that is why to maintain all that tools and salary of our team we kept a skip page where some advertisements are shown with which we get some money for the maintenance of cookape.

Where is the Skip Page shown?

Skip page is shown below in places in the website other than these places it is not shown anywhere.

  • While Using Free Optimization Tool
  • While Generating Token Automatically by the system.
  • When You Login or Logout your account.