AjayGuru .com To Free Instagram Followers Real Or Fake?

Hello friends, welcome to our today’s article AjayGuru .com To Free Instagram Followers Real Or Fake? Today we want to tell you about how to increase followers on Instagram, if you also want to increase your Instagram followers then you can use this AjayGuru .com website.

These days a video is becoming very viral in which you are being told about a website, you just have to go to AjayGuru .com website and write the username of your real account here and after that you have to click on Get Followers. After that you will get followers, sounds very good! But we are going to give you complete information about whether you get followers from here or not, so let’s start.

Do you really get followers from AjayGuru.com or not?

What Is AjayGuru .com?

AjayGuru .com is a blog website on which you will find many articles written about new apps and websites to increase followers and likes on Instagram. By using these, you can increase followers on your Instagram.

Whatever apps or websites you will find here are third party, to use them you will have to first get good information about them because they can prove to be dangerous for you and in the process of getting followers, you can also hack your data. Therefore, before using any website or app, you should get proper information about it.

Can We Get Followers From Ajayguru.Com?

Now this question must be coming in your mind whether we will get followers from here or not because we will spend so much time on this Ajayguru.Com website and if we still do not get followers from here then our time will be wasted, so we need to know this. It is very important whether you get followers from Ajayguru.Com or not? So let’s find out

As we have told you above that this is a blog website on which new articles are written every day and these are about third party apps or websites, by using them you can increase followers from here but through them you will get followers. There is no guarantee whether we will meet or not

Do You Only Get Followers?

Before using any website, there is another question that comes in everyone’s mind that will they get only followers? So the answer is no because from here you also get likes, views, comments and poll votes, different articles are written on this website like Instagram likes, views and poll votes, by reading these you can increase all these on your account.

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Real Or Fake Followers?

AjayGuru .com increases followers but are they real? I am going to tell you this, let’s find out. The followers increased from here are completely fake because they do not do any engagement with your post. Some facts are mentioned below which you will know after knowing them.

Fake Followers: Followers boosted by such websites are fake, they only appear on your profile but are not there.

No Engagement: Increase Followers with AjayGuru .com They are not engaged with you because they neither like your post nor comment on it and as soon as you publish a post on your account they see it. Neither are there. They do not exist, whether they exist or not. It’s one thing to have such followers.

Account may be closed: The followers increased through such websites are fake and they are also against the policy of Instagram and if Instagram comes to know about it then your account may also be closed, so you should avoid it. . You should not increase followers through such websites.

Harmful for reputation: If you also want to get more followers in less time through such a website, then think once because the increased followers from here harm your reputation.

How to increase real followers

Now we will tell you some ways with the help of which you will be able to increase real followers on your Instagram, so let us know.

  1. High Quality Content: If you also want to increase real followers on your Instagram, then for that you will have to add high quality content on your Instagram page, only then real followers will increase.
  2. Continue posting: If you create a page on Instagram but do not post on it, then how will your followers increase? Therefore, you have to post daily continuous posts, only then your followers will increase.
  3. Use Hashtags: You have to use Hashtags related to your niche. If you post a tech related post, then you will have to use hashtags related to it.
  4. Add Reels: If you post on your Instagram and use only images in it, then now you have to focus more on reels because in today’s time people like to see reels.

Remember: Followers increased through organic methods last forever and through shortcuts only for a few days, hence you should pay more attention to organic methods as they connect with you and also give likes, comments and views to your posts.


In today’s article AjayGuru .com, we have told you about a website to increase followers on Instagram which promises to give you 10k free followers. We have also discussed whether it gives followers or not. I hope you liked this article.

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