How To Earn Money from Instagram in India 2022

How to Earn Money from Instagram in India

Social media has long been termed as a ‘waste of time’. It has a reputation for drawing in
users and taking hours out of their days. That may be true, but there is also a bright side.
Social media, especially Instagram, can make a good amount of money right from the
comfort of your home. Instagram provides special features like a huge user base, a highly
connected community, great reach and engagement, and the newest features to keep the
audience hooked. These features are real helpers for anyone who wants to earn money from
Let us look at the different ventures that can make you money on Instagram in
and also provide you with some tips to succeed.
Ideas to earn from Instagram in India.

Huge opportunities are emerging on Instagram that can help beginners and professionals earn good money through the platform. So, let’s dive in!

1 . Affiliate Marketing: One of the newest forms of marketing, affiliate marketing, involves
promoting an online retailer’s products and services in return for a commission on every
successful sale. Instagram is a huge platform with a monthly active user base of more
than 2 billion people. That can be your target market as an affiliate marketer. People from
all walks of life – students, working professionals, and even retired persons can try their
hand at affiliate marketing and earn a handsome income. However, there are few other
ways you can earn money online as a student.

2 . Content Creation: Content creation is the industry of the future. The industry is growing
rapidly, and everybody – celebrities, businesses, influencers, etc., is trying to build a
following by creating content on Instagram. Earning money through content creation can
be easy once you understand the Instagram algorithm. Keep reading to find out our best
tips to create solid, entertaining content that you can monetize.

3. Work for Companies: As a content creator, one must have certain skills. These skills
may include video editing, graphic designing, voiceovers, audio editing, and more. Lucky
for you, large companies are also interested in creating content for Instagram, which is
why they require talented individuals throughout the year to make their content pop. You
can use your skills and provide professional services to these companies to make money
on Instagram.

4 . Instagram Store: If you are interested in manufacturing products, Instagram storefronts
can be a great way to scale up your business. You can manufacture anything – shoes,

clothes, artifacts, paintings, NFTs, etc. There is an audience for every article on
Instagram. So, if this sounds like you, do not waste any more time and create an
Instagram storefront today.

Increase Followers On Instagram

5 . Become a consultant: Content creators and Instagram users often get a keen
understanding of the platform’s working. They can understand the algorithm, identify
trends and speak to the audience in a way that only a few people can. You can become an
Instagram Coach/Consultant for large organizations or teach individuals on the platform.
This can be a great way to leverage your skill and make great money.

6 . Brand Sponsorships: Content creators with a good following often get sponsored by the
brands in their niche. For example, an athlete has a sports brand sponsorship; a makeup
artist has a beauty brand sponsorship. These sponsorships bring in good money and
investments, which can help you build a larger audience and better Instagram content.

7 .Sell Merchandise: Influencers with a good following can leverage their number by
selling personalized merchandise. Opening up exclusive sales and limited-time deals and
providing high-quality, spunky, trendy products can add to your Instagram income
stream. These products include clothing, accessories, hats, caps, watches, and phone

8 . Enable Badges on IG Live: Instagram allows content creators to enable badges on
Instagram Live. You can term these badges in different forms like gold, silver, bronze, or
any other category in your mind and charge modest amounts from the followers for
getting these badges. However, only charge decently for a badge, as asking for a high
amount will erode your earnings and defeat the ultimate purpose.

9 . Become a Reseller: While providing original products is a huge business on Instagram,
reselling also has its stronghold on the platform. You can source products like sneakers,
hoodies, watches, hats, memorabilia, etc., and earn commissions by reselling these items.

10 . Run Advertisements: Instagram has created a new feature that allows creators to run ads
on their content. These 15 to 30 seconds advertisements receive payments on every click
and can add to your Instagram income without extra effort.
Our Best Tips to easily Earn Money from Instagram.

11 . Quality Content: While there may be many ways to optimize your Instagram content,
the first step is always to create good content. Upload high-definition images and videos
which provide some value to the public, either information or entertainment. Make
unique, non-plagiarized content, and watch your following skyrocket.

12 . Real Engagement: While it may be tempting to gather fake followers, likes, and
comments or to use bots on Instagram to spur growth, there is nothing better than real,
organic reach and engagement. Use organic tools like hashtags, stories, shares, saves, etc.,
to make your content visible to a larger user base on Instagram.

13 . Include CTA: CTA is an acronym for Call-to-Action. A CTA means asking your
audience to share, save, comment, or like your content. This activity signals to the
Instagram algorithm that people like your content and makes it suggest your content to
more people who are not your followers.

14 .Post Regularly: You can be a great content creator, but Instagram is competitive. It
requires not only good content but also a regular posting schedule. A regular posting
timeline lets you establish yourself as a trustworthy figure on the platform. You never
know which post may go viral. You only need that one viral post.

15. Stylize your Profile Page: People visit Instagram to escape from reality. They want to
look at things that are pleasing to the eyes. Styling your Instagram profile is a great way
to optimize your content. To start, you can build a symmetrical grid, create story
highlights, and add an attractive bio to fetch more visitors and followers.

16 . Get on new Trends: Let’s be honest. Trends are what drive growth the most. And
Instagram Reels have put a new look on the face of trends. It would help if you were
hyperactive in identifying new audios and videos that already have blown up or have the
potential to do so. Once you have an established follower base, you can create trends that
will drive growth.


Instagram provides not only good times but also provides good business opportunities. Now
that you have come this far, you must know how to create your Instagram income stream. All
that is left is to figure out which content type and business venture speaks to you the most and
start working towards building your brand.

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